Coming January 19th 2018, my new billionaire BDSM novel – Firm.

the firm

She thought she was in charge. She was wrong.

Beautiful little Lucy.
Strutting about the office like she owns the place.
She thinks I’m scared of her.
She has no idea who I really am.
By the time she finds out, it’ll be too late.

A weekend conference.
Me dragged along as her ‘assistant.’
She’s no idea what I’ve got planned.
When the door is locked and we’re alone, I reveal the truth.
Tell her exactly what I’m going to do.
Starting with ripping that boring grey suit off her sexy body.
Get my hands on her soft skin.
Make her beg.
Claim her as my own.

And if she doesn’t want me to?
Well, that’s just too bad.
Because I know what she really needs.
She needs to submit to me, her secret billionaire boss.


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